It is time to make one of those rare decisions in your life that research shows come along once every 7 - 10 years.  It’s a decisions that will have a huge impact on your daily life. Most people can’t afford a mistake with something this important.  Choosing a home is no easy task and selling a home can be even more challenging.  When I consider the people that I’ve worked with over nearly 3 decades, I am honored they chose to work with me.  There are so many Real Estate brokers to choose from so there is freedom to work with someone you like, trust and can rely on. My team and I enjoy being able to provide the level of expert, experienced detail and understanding to clients that I would expect as a client.  And here is the good news - an experience like this doesn’t cost any more.

I have called Lake Guntersville my home for my whole life.  It has been a wonderful place to grow up and it is even better for my wife and I to be able to raise our four daughters here.  I've spent probably more time on this lake than I should have over the years.  But it serves my clients well when I can help them make a good buying or selling decision.

Meet the Team